Here are the 5 secret websites to make money online.

Maximize Your Earnings: Discover the Top 5 Secret Websites to Make Money Online in 2024

Suppose you’re skilled as a transcriber or voice-over artist; however, you need assistance to make money online with those precise abilities. Here are five secret websites to make money for professionals who are looking for a splendid task to kick-start their careers. You can make money online according to your schedule and in your favorite vicinity. It can be exciting to work as a freelancer voice-over artist. Let’s dive into those five excellent websites to make cash online.

1: Secret Website

It’s a leading platform for talented voice-over artists. Suppose you sound like a professional artist with a good command of language and fluent in speaking skills. You are a perfect fit to enhance your career. Sign up as a voice-over expert on 1st of these secret website to make money.

Types of Voice-Over Jobs on

You can make many online with the following jobs on this website.

  • Animation Jobs
  • Audiobook Jobs
  • Online Ad Jobs
  • eLearning Jobs
  • Video Narration Jobs
  • Phone System Jobs
  • Podcasting Jobs
  • Radio Jobs
  • Television Ad Jobs
  • Video Game Jobs

Requirements to be voice-over artist:

  1. Voice with full confidence
  2. Professional noise-cancelling Microphone
  3. A laptop or iPad
  4. A good audio mixing software like ‘Audacity.’

2: GMR Transcription to Make Money

GMR transcription is the 2nd best secret website to make money, it  is best for writers who can type fast and accurately. GMR Transcription always looks for individuals with sufficient typing speed and superb accuracy. They provide some recordings or audio files; you must type the same with enhanced grammar. It’s not easy for beginners because of the criteria to apply for this job. If you are a beginner, practice more with a typing application.

The good point for beginners at GMR Transcription is that they provide training to work with their clients to make money online.

Types of jobs on GMR Transcription

  • Proofreader
  • Transcriptionist
  • Translator

Requirements for GMR Transcription

  • Computer with MS Word.
  • Good Internet speed
  • Keyboard
  • Noise Cancelling Headphone.
  • A foot paddle for audio controls (Optional).
  • Required typing speed of 50 words per minute with 90% accuracy is necessary.
  • The one-minute test will be taken before hiring.


Go Transcript is another excellent secret website to make money online. As a professional transcriber, you can work as a freelancer and create a decent amount to make money online. It’s a great source of income for beginners new to transcription skills. This website pays off every Friday and costs $0.60 per video or audio minute. Go transcript has a user-friendly interface and a great, efficient system for transcribing audio and video files for their clients.

Types of jobs on

  • Transcriptionist
  • Transcription Editor
  • Caption Editor
  • Affiliate (They pay you when someone requests services using your affiliate link)

Requirements for

  • Computer with MS Word.
  • Good Internet speed
  • Keyboard
  • Noise Cancelling Headphone.
  • A foot paddle for audio controls (Optional).
  • The required typing speed is at least 50 words per minute with 95% accuracy.
  • The one-minute test will be taken before hiring.

4: Fourth secret website to make money

Rev.Com affords transcription services, and additionally, they pay excellent charges. You can be a part of a freelancer on their internet site and meet their requirements. After joining, you may make money online by doing your favorite part of the task without problems. You can pick which venture you could paint. They also offer audio or video documents for transcription. Transcribers can make up to $0.30-1.10, and Captioners can make $0.54-1.10 per audio or video minute.

If you’re top at typing with higher accuracy, you can learn new skills as you figure; you may make money working from home as a freelancer, transcriptionist, captioner, or subtitle translator. There are a whole lot of possibilities at

Types of jobs on

  • Audio Transcription
  • Video subtitle and caption
  • Subtitler for foreign languages

Requirements for

  • Laptop or PC with good internet speed
  • Pass a quick quiz session
  • Provide a transcription or caption sample


Transcribe Me is also a great platform that provides transcription services to its clients. You can earn up to 1200 USD monthly by working from home to make online money. You can work flexibly if you’re a freelancer, and they pay outstanding amounts, starting from $15-22 per audio/video file hour. They also offer opportunities for their Special Teams, including Medical and Specialty Styles, which pay even higher rates to freelancers.

Types of jobs on

Transcribe Me can hire you on multiple opportunities mentioned below:

  • Transcription
  • Audio Transcription
  • Video Transcription
  • Translation
  • Machine Transcription
  • AI Training Datasets
  • Data Annotation

Requirements for

  • Laptop or PC with good internet speed
  • Valid PayPal account
  • Must pass 3hrs English entrance exam
  • A valid photo ID like a Driver’s license, Passport, or online ID card
  • Typing Speed doesn’t matter that much, but accuracy is a must


For profitable online opportunities, consider these platforms for voice-over and transcription work. These websites offer flexibility, competitive rates, and diverse options for seasoned professionals and beginners. Explore these platforms today to make money online.

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