Here is step by step guide to create whatsapp channel

How to Create WhatsApp Channel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Meta-owned WhatsApp introduced a very interesting feature, WhatsApp Channels. This new service offering will initiate a new era of private updates from corporations, sports teams, artists, and experts in over 150 countries. It increases customer accessibility to their content, improving the platform’s worldwide popularity. WhatsApp rules the dynamic digital communication environment. WhatsApp channels allow business-customer updates and support. Let’s explore creating a WhatsApp channel on mobile devices and the WhatsApp web.

Creating a WhatsApp Channel on Mobile Devices

On Android and iOS Devices:

  1.  Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  2. Click on Updates from the menu.
  3. Tap on (+) Icon.
  4. Then Tap On “New channel.” to create a WhatsApp channel.
  5. Tap “Get started” on the screen to follow the instructions.
  6. Type the selected channel “Name” to complete the process.
  7. The WhatsApp channel allows you to add your description and icon, or you can add them later.
  8. You finally tap “Create channel” and it’s completed!

Create a Channel Using WhatsApp Web

  1. Go to WhatsApp Web on your desktop browser
  2. Open WhatsApp On Your Mobile And Tap On Avatar
  3. Tap On “Linked Devices” and select “Link A Device”
  4. Camera Will Open and Scan the QR Code Given on WhatsApp Web.
  5. When it’s open, Click on the Channels Button.Here is WhatsApp channel button.
  6. Then Click the (+) Icon and select Create Channel.
  7. Now Click “Continue” And Follow The Instructions Given on The Screen.
  8. Give Your Channel A Name According to Your Channel Niche. (Or your Name).
  9. Write a Brief Description for Your Channel (You can customize it later).
  10. Now, Add your profile image
  11. Lastly, provide all the details. Click on “Create a Channel”.
  12. Now, your WhatsApp Channel is set and ready to go live.


Creating a WhatsApp Channel is easy and can help a lot of businesses, groups, or anyone who wants to share updates with people. Follow each step, give your channel a name, and add a picture and description to make it nice. This way, you can start sharing cool stuff with everyone who joins your channel. WhatsApp Channels make talking to people or sharing updates super simple and quick.

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