Here is complete article to build a gaming pc best guide for all gamers

Building Gaming PC Best For Gamers And Editors

Welcome to our ultimate guide to building the best gaming PC designed for professional gamers, online Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube streamers, or even home users looking for maximum performance. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, getting to the heart of what it takes to be a professional. Whether you’re a professional gamer looking for a challenge or a casual employee looking to surprise your audience with a great game, get everything you need to know about PC gaming in this article.

1: Choosing the right Processor/CPU

Intel and AMD Ryzen are major players in the CPU industry with their unique capabilities and strengths. However, different factors make them unique. It’s worth noting that Intel chips consume more power for using little more power than Ryzen CPUs.

Intel 13900K VS AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

A side-by-side comparison of the Intel 13900k and the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X clearly shows the differences. Each of these processors is at the forefront of a lineup, vying for an edge in terms of performance, multitasking, and gaming prowess. The competition between the two giants continues to push the limits of computing power, and tech fans are looking forward to the next level. So Here is the Comparison Table:

13900k vs Ryzen 9 comparison table:
 Intel 13900KRyzen 9 7950X
ArchitectureAlder LakeZen 3
Cores/Threads8 Cores, 16 Threads16 Cores, 32 Threads
Base Clock Speed4.3 GHz4.5 GHz
Max Boost Clock Speed5.8 GHz5.7 GHz
L3 Cache36 MB Intel Smart Cache64 MB
TDP (Watts)Min 125, Max 253170
Integrated GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 770No, Discrete GPU required
Memory SupportDDR5 5600, DDR4 3200DDR5 3600 To 5200

Low Budget Cpu Choices

Lower models within the same family are an excellent alternative for gaming fans on a budget that is limited. The CPU, as the heart of a computer, is essential, but choosing the best one available can be expensive. As a result, below are several low-cost CPU models to consider. These alternatives provide a smooth gaming experience without breaking the budget by balancing performance and cost-effectiveness.

Intel 13th Generations Processors from lower to high-end options:

Product Name Total Cores Max Turbo Frequency Cache Integrated Graphics
Intel® Core™ i3-13100F 4 4.50 GHz 12 MB Intel® Smart Cache  
Intel® Core™ i3-13100T 4 4.50 GHz 12 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 730
Intel® Core™ i3-13100 4 4.20 GHz 12 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 730
Intel® Core™ i5-13600 14 5.00 GHz 24 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Intel® Core™ i5-13600KF 14 5.10 GHz 24 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Intel® Core™ i5-13600K 14 5.10 GHz 24 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Intel® Core™ i7-13700 16 5.20 GHz 30 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Intel® Core™ i7-13700KF 16 5.40 GHz 30 MB Intel® Smart Cache  
Intel® Core™ i7-13700K 16 5.40 GHz 30 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Intel® Core™ i9-13900K 24 5.80 GHz 36 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770
Intel® Core™ i9-13900KF 24 5.80 GHz 36 MB Intel® Smart Cache  
Intel® Core™ i9-13900KS 24 6.00 GHz 36 MB Intel® Smart Cache Intel® UHD Graphics 770

AMD Ryzen Latest Gen Desktop Processors:

Product Name Total Cores Max Turbo Frequency Threads TDP
AMD Ryzen™ 5 7500F 6 5.00 GHz 12 65 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 5 7600 6 5.10 GHz 12 65 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 5 7600X 6 5.30 GHz 12 105 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 7 7700 8 5.30 GHz 16 65 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 7 7700X 8 5.40 GHz 16 105 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 7 7800X3D 8 5.00 GHz 16 120 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 9 7900 12 5.40 GHz 24 65 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 9 7900X 12 5.60 GHz 24 170 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 9 7900X3D 12 5.60 GHz 24 120 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X 16 5.70 GHz 32 170 Watts
AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D 16 5.70 GHz 32 120 Watts

2: Selection Of Motherboard

Following the selection of the CPU, the next major step is to select the right motherboard. Motherboards come in a selection of sizes and configurations, with 4 basic types that are compatible with the latest CPU generations:


This small form factor is perfect for building small, space-saving systems. It is ideal for people seeking a simple design or designing a portable PC without compromising performance.


Micro-ATX is somewhat bigger than Mini-ITX and has more expansion slots and connectivity possibilities. It finds a balance between size and capability, making it ideal for both economical gaming and users who want more options.


The most prevalent and extensively utilised factor is ATX motherboards. They include several expansion slots, integration for multiple graphics cards, and several other features. ATX is a popular choice among gamers and content developers who want high-performance rigs.


Extended ATX is even larger than conventional ATX, allowing for more components and features. E-ATX motherboards are typically used in high-end gaming rigs and workstation configurations where consumers want maximum performance and advanced personalization abilities.

Gaming Motherboard sizing and specification comparison chart:

Motherboard Size Mini-ITX Micro-ATX ATX E-ATX
Form Factor Small Medium Standard Extended
Dimensions 6.7″ x 6.7″ 9.6″ x 9.6″ 12″ x 9.6″ 12″ x 13″
Expansion Slots 1 PCIe Slot 2 to 4 PCIe Slots 4 to 7 PCIe Slots 4 to 8 PCIe Slots
GPU Support Single GPU Slot 1-3 GPU Slots 1-4 GPU Slots 4-8 GPU Slots
RAM Slots 2 2-4 2-8 2-8
SATA Ports Limited 2-6 4-8 4-12 4-12
M.2 Slots Usually 1 1-2 2 or more 2 or more
Power Delivery Limited Enough Sufficient High-performance
Cooling Options Limited Enough Sufficient Enhanced
Common Use Cases HTPCs, SFF PCs Budget Gaming PCs Gaming and Workstations High-end Gaming/Workstations

Intel 13th and 14 gen Supported Best Gaming Motherboard

In recent launches, motherboards have certainly improved with outstanding features like hardware acceleration, a cooling system, and stronger communication. For Intel processors, Z790 Motherboards are unusual, having a superior power management system.

And Ryzen Supported the Best Gaming Motherboard

X670 is the finest AMD CPU in the newest generations for top-tier gamers, and it can operate smoothly on lower electrical consumption than Intel. For a less expensive option, look for lower models like the B650, but do not compromise on quality; always go for the most recently introduced version.

3: Selection Of Perfect Graphic Card

Choosing the best graphics card for your CPU is significant because it impacts your computer’s performance in gaming, content production, and other fields. This article discusses problems like compatibility, performance benchmarks, VRAM, and budget issues. We discuss the value of integrating GPU abilities with CPU power, understanding technical information, and negotiating the huge range of available options.

Benchmark between Cpu and Gpu

By understanding the relationship between graphics cards and CPUs, people can make informed choices that ensure smooth gameplay, effective multitasking, and better visual experiences. Unlock the power of your computer with a graphics card designed just for your requirements.

Tips to remember before buying a graphics card:

  • Check your Processor’s Bottleneck reports.
  • Choose the best possible match for your CPU.
  • Do not purchase preowned graphics cards.
  • Choose only the top brands.
  • Please choose a compatible model that fits within your PC case’s dimensions.

Top Graphic Card Providers

Globally, three major chip providers. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel take the spotlight. Nvidia has traditionally dominated the industry, focusing on high-end goods for gamers and content makers. Currently leading the way with their RTX series GPUs. Nvidia is being challenged by AMD, which is actively releasing challenging graphics cards and promoting itself as a significant rival to Nvidia’s monopoly.

NVIDIA Gaming Graphic Cards

The NVIDIA RTX 30 and RTX 40 series GPUs deliver excellent performance for both gaming and streaming, making them ideal for gamers and professional streamers. If you’re looking at AMD graphics cards, the RX 7000 Series stands out as an outstanding choice for high-end gaming. In reality, for specific games, some AMD GPUs exceed Nvidia when it comes to. Also, AMD graphics cards are highly efficient, consuming a remarkably low amount of power.

Advanced Features With RTX Graphic Cards

Nvidia adds advanced features such as AI voice-over, which is useful for automatically minimizing recording noise. Another useful program is NVIDIA Broadcast, which assists streamers in keeping proper eye contact when streaming.

When it comes to professional work, complicated rendering, and video editing, better graphic cards can handle high-end film and animation rendering.

Nvidia Professional GPU

Top-tier workstation GPUs from Nvidia include the RTX 4000, RTX 4500, RTX 5000, and RTX 6000. DDR6 ECC memory capacity for these GPUs range from 20 GB to 48 GB. They provide innovative design and fantastic performance, making them an excellent choice for expert editors.

AMD Professional Graphic Cards

For individuals seeking potent GPUs suitable for larger workstations, AMD Workstation Graphic Cards are an excellent choice. The AMD Radeon PRO Series W7500, W7600, W7800, and W7900 come equipped with DDR6 cards. These cards boast memory sizes that vary between 8 GB and 48 GB, adhering to diverse user requirements.

4: Choosing the Perfect Gaming Computer Case.

Choosing the correct computer case is important for the best performance and looks when building a gaming setup. Finding a casing that perfectly matches these parts is the next step after carefully selecting a CPU and motherboard. Making a smart decision includes elements like form factor, size, cooling capabilities, and A-RGB lighting choices.

Best Gaming Pc Case Manufacturers

Multiple options are available from reputable companies, including Asus PC Case, Deepcool, Thermaltake, NZXT, Razer, and Cooler Master. Each company offers products that fit various interests, allowing players to find the perfect match for a strong and beautifully designed gaming system.

Size Variations in gaming PC case

Whatever your motherboard choice is, always select the size that will fit inside your computer case from the list of sizes below:

  1. Mini-ITX
  2. Micro-ITX
  3. ATX
  4. E-ATX

E-ATX is ideal for adding extra fans and a 3X fan cooler. E-ATX is the best option if you add extra GPUs for advanced video editing and rendering tasks.

5: Choosing the Right RAM for Your Motherboard and CPU FOr Gaming PC.

For your gamong pc best build, you must choose RAM compatible with your motherboard and CPU. Choose between DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules thanks to the release of Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs. DDR5 is an option for high-end computing because of its quicker speeds, larger bandwidth, and improved energy efficiency. If you’re sticking with DDR4, ensure your motherboard is compatible with Intel’s 13th-generation processors and choose modules with faster clock rates and reduced latency for responsiveness.

Current Variations Of Rams

The 12th and 13th versions of Intel CPUs support ddr4 and ddr5 rams; Intel CPUs do not utilize the full mhz power of the ram, instead settling for 3200mhz. However, AMD CPUs can function at full power, whether 3600 MHz on ddr4 or 5600 MHz to 7200 MHz on ddr5.

DDR4 RAM is used in the majority of the newest generation of CPUs.The only desktop CPUs that now support DDR5 are AMD Ryzen 7000, and Ryzen 7000 is the only one that strictly requires it.

6: Optimize CPU Performance with ARGB Cooling Solutions.

In modern, constantly changing technical settings, the cooling system for your CPU plays a vital role in achieving peak performance and maintaining the life of the current generation CPUs. Come to the world of Addressable RGB (ARGB) CPU coolers that not only dissipate heat successfully but also improve the visual of your computer setup.

Benefits Of Liquid cooler

The following article explains the most essential aspects to consider while choosing the best ARGB CPU cooler, such as reliability, cooling efficiency, noise levels, and software integration. Discover how ARGB lighting effects may improve your gaming setup while ensuring your high-end processor performs smoothly and to its full potential.

Choosing the Right Cooler Guide

The CPU you choose depends on the case you plan on buying. CPU coolers can be divided into two categories. The first is air coolers, while the second is liquid coolers. Both are practical options, but liquid coolers are more efficient and produce less noise. Both types of coolers are available in various sizes, depending on the case you hold, and you must install the cooler first to determine the space between the cooler and the RAM.

Precaution About Mini-Itx and liquid cooler

While utilizing four rams, some coolers may not fit in Mini-ITX cases. It may consume or overflow the space of a RAM slot. So be careful while picking a cooler. Liquid coolers might be expensive, but the results are great.

Case Compatibility and Cooler Considerations

Air coolers are more affordable, but some are particularly beneficial for solving problems with heating. Using the appropriate thermal paste has an essential effect on the CPU air cooler. The main disadvantage of air coolers is noise, but they can fit in many PC cases. Always check for 1 RAM slot overlapping before purchasing.

7: Selection of external memory SSD and HDD.

Modern technology has made it important for PCs to have sufficient memory. Memory is the basis of all we do on them. We need an area for our written, audio, and video projects so that people can view them. People previously kept a lot of data on hard drives, but now they’re changing to new, quicker memory types called SSDs. SSDs are the fastest and most powerful option for activities like heavy gaming and video editing. Therefore, having strong memory makes computers run better in many ways.

SSD Vs HDD Comparison

SSD is more expensive than HDD. We can spend less money and gain bigger memory. In addition to being pricey but up to three times quicker compared to traditional disc drives,

There are 1 to 8 slots for SSD memory; accordingly, when choosing an SSD, be careful to pick the proper type. Verify the types of slots on your motherboard to figure out which is best for installing an SSD. A few slot types are available, including NVME, M2 double cut, M2 single cut, and SSD in SATA.

Better Performance With SSD

It’s a good idea to get a storage space of more than 1 TB while using a computer for important jobs like animation, graphic design, video editing, and similar things. Having at least 500GB of storage is required for everyday tasks like using Windows and playing video games, but having 1 terabyte is better.

Save money on higher memory using Hard Disk

A traditional hard disc is an excellent option if you must maintain a lot of data and want a low-cost alternative. It helps you save money and gives you a lot of storage space. Because of technological advances, trustworthy and stable hard discs are now readily available.

The greatest HDDs may be found in reputed manufacturers like Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, and many more.

8: How to Choose the Right Power Supply Unit (PSU) for Your Gaming Computer?

Selecting the right Power Supply Unit (PSU) becomes essential when building your gaming setup. All parts must receive power from the PSU. Thus, it has to be carefully selected. Choose a PSU with sufficient power to power the components and any future modifications.

Best PSU providers

Consider the PSU’s performance rating as well; units with higher ratings waste less energy. Modular PSUs make it easy to arrange cables. Quality is associated with well-known brands like Asus, MSI, Corsair, XPG, EVGA, and Seasonic. Choosing the right PSU ensures your PC has an uninterrupted power supply, enhanced efficiency, and a smooth gaming experience.

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